Homepage moved to “https”

Copenhagen, 13. July 2018.

IT security has become even more important during the last years. When I made my first homepage in 2002 we never gave security any importance. The Internet was “free” and free information would make the world more democratic – we thought.

But there are also some downsides with the free internet. Criminals and not-so-kind people are making the use of Internet more risky and complicated, so we have to take some important precautions.

For many years we fighted against spam and intruders and with success because of strong tools. Login are now protected not only with passwords, but also by showing that a real person – and not a robot – is behind.

This year I’m moving my web sites from the open “http” to the encrypted “https” communication protocol. This is a general trend for all websites to make is almost impossible for not so friendly persons and governments to monitor the communication between the Internet user and the Internet content providers.

Hopefully this will not create any inconveniences for you.


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