Curriculum Vitae

Childhood 1948 – 1956

I was born in the western part of Denmark in 1948. My parents had a farm where I, my two sisters and my brother grew up. We lived in a small village in the outskirt of Esbjerg. As a family we all worked at the farm where we had all types of animals. before I started in school I followed my Daddy from early morning until I was put into bed around 8 pm. I learned so much about life working together with him. It is really a privilege to have both parents at home during the first years of one’s life.

The first years of my life we used horses for all types of work in the field. My father taught me to manage and ride a horse. In 1953 we bought a David Brown tractor, so the work was done as a combination af horses and the new tractor. Soon I learned how to manage both.

Grammar School 1956 – 1963

The first five years I went to a small village school with three teachers and about 60 children. We did not have many books, but our teachers told us about the Old Testament, the history of our country and the day we were rehearsed. We had to memorize a lot of things. In summertime we were released from school at noon, so we could work the rest of the day. In wintertime we had long school hours to compensate. Most of the time the school bored me because we always had to wait until all pupils had understood the lessons.

After five years in the small village school we changed to a larger school with 20 teachers and 300 pupils. The teachers in general were more skilled and the school became more interesting.

High School and Gymnasium 1963 – 1969

After 7th grade we were divided into two groups depending upon skills and interests, and for the first time I felt that school time had a purpose in my life. We had skilled teachers and the class was a team. Beside school I continued to work at my parents farm after school hours. This was very normal at that time. Children was also “cheap labour”, and from the combination of work and school I could see important “continuous learning” was.

The Gymnasium was placed in Esbjerg – the 5th largest city in Denmark and it was a major change in life to move from the countryside to a city. Many of my classmates were born in the city and had almost no knowledge about farming and village life. This cultural mixture was a very positive experience for all of us. After three years at “Esbjerg Gymnasium” I was ready to conquer the world.

Technical University in Copenhagen 1969 – 1974

We used to say that the road from Jutland to Copenhagen is very long, but the distance from Copenhagen is short. I really enjoyed moving to the student life Copenhagen. Money was normally short for a student, but I had learned to work when a child, so when I needed money I took a job in addition to the study time.

My fiancé from my hometown moved to Copenhagen after some months and we got married in 1972. In the beginning we rented a house together with some friends and in 1973 we bought our own apartment.

Documentation: DTU Diploma 1976

Different jobs between 1973 and – 1978

The world was full of opportunities and it was difficult for me to focus on a specific carrier. Before graduating as civil engineer I worked together with some friends in starting a private school “Landsbyskolen” that is still running successfully today. My vision was to combine modern teaching methods with the village-culture. The year after I went to London where I joined a research project. In 1976 I was drafted by the military and became a specialist in evacuation af civilians. We lived in the Cold War and the Sovjets could attack us any day.

Teaching had always been on of my core interest and competences. In late 1977 I started teaching again without exactly knowing where it would bring me. I also worked as a part time consult in building construction (my education as civil engineer).

IBM from 1978 until 2012

IBM was a game changer for me. I hardly knew IBM at that time and a friend suggested me to take contact to IBM in Lyngby. At that time Information Technology was mainly used for major batch jobs in major companies. Interactive computing was the “new thing”. Only a few was educated in computer science, so IBM was not looking for computer experts, but for young intelligent people that would be trained for a long time. So I started as trainee with a salary much higher than I had thought of. The first two years was spent on education in Stockholm, London and Bruxelles and the rest of the time was spent in the computer center at Handelsbanken in Copenhagen. What a change in my life.

Further Formal Education since 1978

Computer Science: IBM had its own education centres in Stockholm, Bruxelles, London and other places in Europe. Some specialist courses was only delivered in USA. As a trainee I spent half of my time in 1978 – 1979 with formal computer science education outside Denmark. The following 30 years I spent 2 – 6 weeks yearly on supplement courses. IBM’s policy was “continuous education through your carriere”.

Business Education: Until 1980 my educations were technical oriented, but IBM expected me to business oriented in the approach to the IBM’s “large accounts”. Technical knowledge comes first, but when you deal with customers you must be business oriented. So I started a formal three years education at Copenhagen Business School and graduated in 1982. Graduate Diploma can be seen here>>

Project Management Education: During the 1990s IBM changed from being line-oriented to project oriented in the customer delivery approach. So it was time for structured project management education. It started with a row of internal PM courses where we learned all vital parts of the PM discipline. By the end of 1990s certification became important, so it was also important to be certified from external education bodies.

Curriculum Vitae 1978 – 2012

My IBM CV from 2010 can be seen here>>

Retired since 2012

Volunteer retirement is great. You still have the health and energy and resources needed for a demanding job, but you are free to pursue other interests and duties on your own determination.

During the last years my time was spent several tasks and projects:

  • Genealogy
  •  Travel all over the World
  • Family and Friends
  • Building a new summerhouse
  • Renovating out current home
  • Board member of several companies
  • Webmaster on several sites
  • Photo and Video production.


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